50th Wedding Anniversary Pillow Sectioned 1/4″ welting cut on the diagonal, custom design of 18″ x 18″ pillow with embroidery prominently incorporated, design inspired by art work of wife, Without-End leather label, down and feather pillow insert. For the husband who has everything… Saved pieces of shirts worn throughout a full career complete with pockets, now grandchildren will have a secret place to leave notes …more

SPANX Pillow, Sara Blakely’s Backpack

Without-End enhanced a beloved memory by creatively transforming a red backpack into a pillow with 1/4″ alternating black/ red welting, engraved leather label and all the original pockets for SPANX founder, Sara Blakely. She carried her first SPANX products to the Neiman Marcus buyer in a red backpack. We love pockets! We entered the “Leg Up” contest offered by Sara Blakely. She generously wants to pay …more

Joy’s Story, For the Love of 3 Generations

How do we say this is what we value deeply? Joy asked her father for a favorite tee shirt and what followed was a conversation from his early days of employment as a young man, stories that revealed the heart of who he is as a father and fine wood worker. Joy’s Without-End pillow bears the label ” My Dad, my favorite storyteller ” with …more

Pam’s Story, A Labor of Love

At Without-End we love the art of remembering. We designed pockets for hands, coordinating welting and the charm of a nickname on a satin ribbon, all to speak of Pam. These tender pillows created from Fresh Produce cotton dresses hold the soul of what she valued deeply: family, friendship and summers at the beach. 18″ Classic Pillow designed and crafted with 1/4″ coordinating welting with pocket, …more

Hugh’s Story

3 pillows for 3 daughters. When a parent has Dementia having a tactile way to remember stories of a life can be helpful. These ties skillfully stitched together recall college days at Dartmouth, adventures of a father who loved to sail, and a man who was dedicated to his work. Call upon me and I will deliver thee and show thee great and mighty things, …more

Duncan’s Story

Lasting and pure is the love of a faithful pet! Duncan had traveled the world and had raised a family with Karen and Ed. Fearless in his dying, he gave Karen time to see the way. Reminiscent of days in England chasing sheep, his blanket pillow now the comforting traveling companion.   I will go with thee and be thy guide, in thy most need …more

Charmaine’s Story

Charmaine hand painted china with eloquent poppies and lightness of color. The lightness of green was the color of a favorite beaded suit. It was the one she had told her children she would like to be buried in. It was discovered upon emptying Charmaine’s closet the favorite suit remained. Now her daughter Marcia has beautiful pillows radiating ” I am with you”. From Rainier …more

Mike’s Story

Mike was a good friend, husband, father and community supporter. His wife and daughters mailed a box from Wisconsin filled with the everyday clothing he had passionately lived in. Mike could cook a 4 star meal every night of the week and holidays. He loved the New York Times, the Hudson River Valley, birding, the underdogs of life and his precious family. He could tell a story like no other topped off with laughter from deep within his soul. His blue blazer close at hand often called into reverent service for the moments that mattered.

Jackie & Oliver’s Story

Jackie and Oliver had recently experienced great loss. Swirling change filled their days. In the midst of this shock and sadness they found themselves searching for a way to hold onto Ken. A way that he could be remembered as a tangible part of their lives going forward. Oliver now has a soft pillow to hug at bedtime, sad times, and happy times. The pillow creates easy conversation for each of them as they remember an incredible man who lives on without end.

Cynthia’s Story

Cynthia brought to us her brother’s lush terry robe and fabulous Hermes scarf he had given her years ago. Charles had lived and loved art in New York City. We wanted to give Cynthia a tangible way to remember. We envisioned a bank of pillows for Cynthia’s couch or individually snugged between books on a bookshelf with her other rare art treasures. When we delivered …more