Charmaine’s Story

Charmaine's Story

Charmaine hand painted china with eloquent poppies and lightness of color. The lightness of green was the color of a favorite beaded suit. It was the one she had told her children she would like to be buried in. It was discovered upon emptying Charmaine’s closet the favorite suit remained. Now her daughter Marcia has beautiful pillows radiating ” I am with you”.

From Rainier Maria Rilke
“….but up in the southern sky, pure as within the palm of a consecrated hand, the clearly- resplendent M, standing for mothers.”


The pillows are stunning!! More wonderful than I imagined they would be. What an eye for design you have Deborah. I have taken them to the gym, my neighbors, my physical therapist, and sent pictures to countless friends. I thank you again!

Marcia,¬†Charmaine’s daughter


Charmaine and children