Jackie & Oliver’s Story

Oliver and his pillows

Jackie and Oliver had recently experienced great loss. Swirling change filled their days. In the midst of this shock and sadness they found themselves searching for a way to hold onto Ken. A way that he could be remembered and a tangible part of their lives going forward. Clothes hung in the closet each with a memory of time spent together. Jackie wanted a way for Oliver to have access to these memories, to keep alive the stories of his father. Jackie learned of without-end heirloom memorial pillows made from the clothing of loved ones.

Oliver now has a soft pillow to hug at bedtime, sad times, and happy times. The pillow creates easy conversation for each of them as they remember an incredible father who lives on without-end.

Oliver’s pillows are made from his father’s favorite jerseys and sweatshirts. It is the pocket that Oliver loves best, when he puts his hands inside and holds it close he feels his father’s hug.

Oliver thinking on red couch Oliver on pillows

Oliver and his dad’s pillows.

Oliver buried under pillows

without-end 01/ Jackie and Oliver’s Story from Without-end on Vimeo.