Mike’s Story

Mike's pillows on chairs

Mike was a good friend, husband, father and community supporter. His wife and daughters mailed a box from Wisconsin filled with the everyday clothing he passionately lived in. Mike could cook a 4 star meal every night of the week and holidays. He loved the New York Times, the Hudson River Valley, birding, the underdogs of life and his precious family. He could tell a story like no other topped off with laughter from deep within his soul. His blue blazer close at hand often called into reverent service for the moments that mattered.

His wife keeps her pillow in the kitchen as she learns how to cook where he lends encouragement. His daughters keep their pillows within arms reach on beds away at college and law school.

Mike's robe Mike's robe in the rosemary

Mike’s robe photographed among rosemary, the herb of remembering, as part of our creation process.

Mike's custom sashes

Sashes made from Mike’s clothing.

Mike's Pillows

Classic Heirloom Memorial Pillow 1/4” Welting
Down-Like Pillow Form
Leather Label
Custom sash by consultation

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