Custom Heirloom Memorial Pillows

Without End

Without-End creates a fine-crafted custom memorial heirloom pillow from the favorite clothing of a loved one. Designed to include comforting visual and textural details of pockets, buttons and wear. The welted pillow is available in 2 sizes, 18″ x 18″ and 12″ x 12″ with down and feather or down-like pillow insert. It is completed with an engraved tanned leather label recalling the name, dates and personal words of remembrance.

Placed on a bed, couch or favorite chair, Without-End custom heirloom memorial pillows become part of the remembering landscape of our lives.  They can be held tight when words are hard to find at times of great loss. They can be placed on a rocking chair in a nursery keeping grandparents near. They can travel off to college dorm rooms providing support to lessen homesickness. They can be a wedding gift to remember those whose love you carry close to the heart. For all the transitions in life…


Mike's green plaid pillow Mike's red plaid pillow

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