Terms and Conditions

    • I have given/mailed without-end laundered item(s) of clothing with the understanding that they will be re-purposed and not returned in their original state.
    • I give full creative license to without-end to use any portion of given items.
    • Without-end will return the un-used portion of given item(s) at the time of delivery of commissioned pillow.
    • Without-end reserves the right to refuse and not return any item deemed inappropriate.
    • Please allow 8 weeks for shipment.
    • Without-end pillows are one of a kind uniquely designed pillows made from the clothing of loved ones.
    • The pillows may include buttons and other small items from clothing which may not be suitable for young children under 3 years.
    • Custom pillow orders are non-refundable.

without-end studio, LLC