The Hug


“Each morning I make my sons beds and I often stop and think of their dad’s spirit and love radiating throughout the pillows throughout the night, comforting his boys with a warm hug. They are the last pillows I put back on their beds after giving them a tender squeeze myself.” Thank you Without-End.
Mom, Tampa, FL

College 18″ Pillow, Ella, Baylor University

Thank you so much for the beautiful pillow. It is amazingly special to me! It has a special place on my dorm bed to remind me of home. Thanks again for the gift!” XO Ella

My little “Ellabean” went off to college 2,000 miles away. I felt great comfort in knowing her beautifully made pillow would provide a little bit of “huggable” home!” Pam, Mom

Loss 12″ and 18″ Pillows, Remembering “Mum”, Marcia, Savannah GA

Charmaine and children
“The pillows are just stunning!  More wonderful than I imagined they would be. What an eye for design you have. I have taken them to the gym, my neighbors, my Physical Therapist, and sent pictures to countless friends.”
 Thank you! -Marcia